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Charlotte, North Carolina native Melvin Crispell III, was raised surrounded by musical stars. With world-renowned musician Melvin Crispell, Jr. as his father and gospel great Tunesha Crispell as his mother, Melvin Crispell III had musical genius in his bones. Although life hasn’t always been so easy for the Gospel prodigy, Crispell III lost his father at 16; and then his mother 2 years later to cancer. After losing his support system/inspirations, he turned to God and found an unparalleled relationship that led him down an astounding path. Through God and music, Crispell III not only persevered through hard times in his life, but he also shared hope with others to do the same as well. After winning Sunday Best, that is all he wishes to do, use his voice to “lead others to a closer relationship with God and to carry on his family’s legacy while also creating his own.” That is just what he is doing in his latest piece, “The Blessing,” featuring Maranda Curtis.

The video for “The Blessing,” featuring Maranda Curtis, premiered on YouTube on January 15, 2021. The dynamic duo struck gold with this masterpiece! Melvin Crispell III opens with a soft and sultry note that mends perfectly with Maranda Curtis’ powerful and breathy vocals. Their vocals were a beautiful glaze that just laid effortlessly on the acoustic instruments. Not to mention, the visual of Melvin Crispell III and Maranda Curtis surrounded by talented musicians in a live setting created such a down to Earth and candid environment. You could feel their positive and authentic energy through the screen, and it made the whole video reach a soulful, spiritual, and mindful level of peace. Some impactful lyrics include: “The Lord bless you, And keep you, give you peace, Amen, May His favor be upon you, And a thousand generations, May His presence go before you, rejoicing, He is for you .” This song is relaxing yet empowering and is precisely what we all need to listen to, to remember that you are not alone and that there is nothing you can’t handle.

Melvin Crispell III and Maranda Curtis outdid themselves with this tranquility-infused track; if you haven't heard it yet, then now is the time to check it out on all music platforms.

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