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Gospel R&B Artist, Andrew Music Williams’ Collab with Grammy-Award Winning Artist H.E.R. for Life’s

Andrew Music Williams was one of three, talented winners in a viral challenge created by H.E.R. and LG for their “Life’s Good Music Collaboration” campaign! Applicants had to express how life was good to them over a beat where H.E.R. gave them 16 bars to add to. off for them. Williams’ posted his submission, adding a beat and vocals, and after receiving positive feedback; dropped a dope visual for his submission not even two weeks later (Check it out @amusicw on IG!). LG also featured Andrew in the campaign’s visual with other auditionees in a highlighted clip on their IG! After reviewing over 1000 applicants H.E.R. hand-selected Andrew, Claire Ernst, & Jake Chapman as the three winners for a collaboration with H.E.R.!

The video just hit 25 million views! Be sure to check it out on LG’s official Youtube @LGGlobal. Also stay tuned for Andrew’s latest music updates by following him @amusicw!


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