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NBA Bubble Part 2

The NBA is right back at it again in the same year as the 2021 season preseason has begun with the regular season, which has been shortened to 72 games, is to begin Tuesday, December 22. With teams just recently competing in the bubble only a few months prior, forces some teams to rest their key players to keep them fresh for the regular season.

The Los Angeles Lakers utilized this strategy throughout the preseason seeing as how they are the reigning champions. As for other playoff contending teams, offseason decision making has been made up to the start of the season as the Milwalkee Bucks finally lock Giannis Antekounmpo up with a record 5 year $228 million contract.

The Houston Rockets fall in that category as well as they traded Russell Westbrook for John Wall, and signed Demarcus Cousins, however, they’ve been in numerous trade talks that all involve parting ways with James Harden.

The Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat, and Philadelphia Sixers are the top teams in contention for Harden. Returning players like Stepehen Curry with the Oakland Warriors, and Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on the Brooklyn Nets all looked back to 100% after missing last season. With these guys back in the league will ensure an effect on the playoff outlook this season.

Now for the rookies that are starting their NBA journey with this irregular season, all eyes are on the heavily anticipated since he was a freshman in high school point guard Lamelo Ball for the Charlotte Hornets. In Lamelo's first games he struggled scoring, but was very impressive with his facilitating and flashy passes, but as the preseason is coming to an end he seems to be more comfortable with the pace of the NBA game and is becoming more efficient in his scoring.

Even with another Covid-19 season, the NBA set to start with returning superstars and exciting rising stars, no attendance at games won’t have any toll on the amount of talent this season has to offer.


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