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NFL's Carolina Panthers Stadium is Opens It's Door to Allow Fans In

With COVID-19 still alive and well, sports has a very different look. Fans have not been able to attend sporting events since March but that is slowly changing.

On September 22, Governor Roy Cooper announced that the Panthers will allow a captivity of 7% starting on Friday, October 2nd. The Bank of America Stadium holds 74,867 people and with the 7% it maybe approximately 5,420 in attendance.

Season ticket holders who held onto to their personal seat license for the season were contacted and will have the opportunity to attend two home games with options of choosing between three sets of games; Chicago Bears (10/18), New Orleans Saints (1/3) , Atlanta Falcons (10/29) and Denver Broncos (12/13) or Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11/15) and Detroit Lions (11/22) with tickets to the October 4th as an option.

The tickets will be selected in order of tenure with those who have held their personal seat license the longest getting first choice on seats.

The tickets will be distributed in pods in order to practice social distancing with pods of 2-5 people. All fans will be required to wear face coverings and hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the stadium.

They have also implemented card-only concessions and have the option to pre-order concessions before 5pm. Limited concessions will be available in the stadium as well as alcohol but not for pre-order. Food and beverages will have an option for $15 with an average savings for $20 which includes a rotating entree menu for different home

games, chips, candy, water and a fountain soda. Fans will be able to redeem their orders using a barcode on mobile tickets and be picked up by the fourth quarter.

The Team Store will not be open. There is no exact time table for the opening for the store.

The Panthers organizations plans on increasing attendance as time goes on.


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