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outfit ideas #1: Dressy Casual

Dressy casual is the best go-to style day to day and personally one of my favorites. It is a step up from plain blah casual, yet still comfortable. It is perfect for running errands, meeting some friends for a casual lunch, even work depending on the job and their dress code. Here is a very simple outfit that took me less than 5 minutes to put together.

The shirt is a ribbed knit ¾ sleep top, the skirt is a plaid wrap skirt, my shoes are high top sneakers, with a purse and accessories to top the look off. I have had this short for centuries so I am not sure where I got this specific shirt, but tops like this one can be found everywhere from Walmart, to Amazon, to Ross. My skirt is from Ross, and it was less than $20. My high top shoes are from Adidas(exact style different color linked), my purse is from Twice the Charm Boutique, and the jewelry is from SHEIN. Dressy casual means you can move around as needed, you are comfortable, and you look more put together while still holding the casual status. For an office setting instead of wearing sneakers, one could wear flats or loafers. Make sure to stay tuned for more outfit ideas!


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