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Pastor Jaylon Calhoun Breaks Gospel Boundaries With His New Single

Pastor Jaylon Calhoun is a Richmond, California native known for his musical and business talents (Gospel musician, producer, and Anointed Radio Network Founder). He began singing at the young age of 7, during the same time he was attending the Malcolm X Performing Art Academy in Berkeley, California. He later found a huge passion in the Antioch Church Family choir, and he performed with them from age 14 to 21. After helping the choir claim numerous titles, awards, etc., he started directing youth choirs and eventually founded his own Christian radio station, Anointed Radio Network. Now he is blessing us all with his original music, one of his latest singles being “Wake up Blessed.”

“Wake up Blessed” debuted via AMP Records on October 20, 2020, and is a genre-bending, upbeat, and energizing track. The song has an EDM/Electro Pop vibe and breaks the boundaries that people have placed on Gospel artists.

The song begins with “Wake Up! Wake Up!” and repeats throughout the song until it ends with an echo fade off of “Wake Up.” Some memorable lyrics include “When I wake up, I’m blessed, When you wake up, you’re blessed, Blessed, Higher.” You can truly feel the good vibes and authenticity when Pastor Jaylon Calhoun sings. Although the song is not your average Gospel song, it is very uplifting and brightens your day.

While Pastor Jaylon Calhoun is on a steady climb to the top, you can listen to all of his music, which is available on all musical platforms now.

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