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Quarter Back and Table Tennis Star, Justin Fields

Ohio states quarterback Justin Fields has recently recovered from a Rib injury and seemed to have been getting back into sports after he was seen playing table tennis. His injury was a scary one s fans seen him get hit very hard by another player. USA Today said “One of the biggest questions heading into the College Football national championship game is how healthy Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields will be. He absorbed a vicious hit by Clemson linebacker James Skalski and looked mighty uncomfortable, wincing in pain after several throws throughout the rest of the game.” This is not the first time a quarterback has been hurt, but it was definitely something hard to watch. He didn’t get up immediately which showed that something was definitely hurting. However, we know he is a tough dude and will do the necessary to get back on the field.

Apparently he has some skills and not only in football! According to “The Buckeyes are now in Miami, and it appears Fields and linebacker Justin Hilliard had quite the game of table tennis on Saturday. It wasn’t just volleying back and forth, but some ducking and diving going on in a pretty intense match that Fields pulled out in extra time.

On one particular point, Hilliard hit a smash that appeared destined for a point, but Fields dropped to the ground got a paddle on the ball and somehow hit a winner. It was a defensive move that took quite a bit of torquing to his body suggesting he’s feeling pretty good.” It is great to see some team bonding as well. Fields himself has not stated how is feeling as of today or when we will see him back with his team playing , however it is looking good so hopefully he can get back soon.

It’s great to see him up and active after not knowing what has been going on with his injury. This has made his fans extremely happy to see, hoping he will be in some upcoming games. Most athletes are good in more than one sport and some are very competitive in other games. Fields played for Miami, but later transferred to the Buckeyes in 2019. He has amazing stats and hopefully no more injuries that can put him down. It would suck to see a great quarterback sit out multiple times, especially one that people all over are rooting for!


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