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Ray J Breaks Down During Verzuz Battle - Omarion Eating Watermelon & Mario stealing the stage

If we had one wish.. It would be Ray J drinking that tea his sister Brandy made for him!

On Thursday night we got to see more than a Verzuz clash of music from Mario and Omarion, but we were blessed with Ray J,

Pleasure P, Bobby v and Sammie! While Mario stole our hearts with his live vocal range and Omarion tried his best to woo us with his dance moves and … watermelon?

Yes, you read correctly, Omarion’s lips were flush with a watermelon at the end of the evening. After several runs of the catalog without using too much of his B2K song list, and rather heartfelt attempts at singing live, Mario pulled a move no one on stage saw coming. He cut the music and assaulted the viewers of the Verzuz with an acapella run. And we lived for every single note he sang!

Mario singing to us is one of those things that's better in person. The Verzuz filled us viewers with early 2000’s R&B nostalgia and most viewers noticed several of the vocal performances didn't live up to our expectations. When Omarion noticed Mario didn't come to play, he brought out special guests Jeremih, Tank and his very eye-catching brother O'Ryan. Even with background dancers and his fine a*s brother Mario was cooking Omarion up like a late Sunday brunch honey. His brother tried a last ditch effort to turn up the heat by bringing out slices of watermelon and slurping the flesh of the fruit sensually.. Or so he thought... It was giving Hungry Hippo, not plies Ms. Pretty Pus*y like he thought. #Cringe

Meanwhile Ray J was showing out. His attempt at his solo song ‘One Wish’, had the viewers in stitches. While he claimed it was a serenade to his wife of 6 years, Princess Love. All while holding his second born child in his arms was also very #cringe! Attempting the chorus of the iconic song one Wish, his voice shook and cracked with obvious lack of use. Sammie, Pleasure P, and Bobby V couldn't hold back with ridiculing Ray J over his voice. In true Verzuz fashion they sang the song beautifully, in a taunting acapella moment you just HAD to be there for. Check out some direct quotes from the absolute melt down Ray J had when the 3 men vocalized while testing Ray J’s patience. He angrily asked them to “Stop singing while he was singing” and told the three men that they were “just mad y’all don’t own y’all hits.” Sammie didn’t hold back either, saying there “wouldn’t be no Bobby V without Sammie,” and dismissing Ray J as merely “Brandy’s brother.” Oowee you had to be there!


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