Revenge Of The BeyHive

Every hot singer or rapper has a colony of fans who will go to war in the battlefield of social media for them. Nicki Minaj’s “Barbz” and Rihanna’s “Rihanna Navy” are two of the most powerful fan bases to date however, Beyonce’s “Beyhive” is a force to be reckoned with. It all started in the late 90’s- early 2000’s when Beyonce caught America’s eye in singing group Destiny’s Child. With her father as their manager and mother as their stylist, Beyonce had the best opportunities out of the group. She sang lead in majority of all the songs and was always in the front making her the face of the group. When Destiny’s Child split for multiple reasons that are too complicated to discuss, Yonce went solo and had hit after hit ever since. Putting out records like“Crazy in Love”, “Single Ladies”, “Formation”, and “Lemonade” including performances that people camp out in front of the television for and concerts that are actually worth your money is all over this stars resume. Also, she has used her platform to promote Black Power and speak on the mistreatment of African Americans as well. Beyonce’s progression has definitely set a bar for fellow Female artists (both vets and aspiring). Bey has done a lot of good but it wouldn’t be possible without her fans, the Beyhive.

Now that we know why we love Beyonce so much, let’s talk about her slightly problematic fans and how powerful they surprisingly are. Starting with Keri Hilson, another amazing singer who has her own list of hits (some that she even wrote for other well known artists). When she came out with ‘Turnin’ Me On’, the song that took over the radio, she went and remixed it for more sway. In the remixed version, Hilson went on to sing, “your vision cloudy if you think that your the best, you can dance she can sing but she need to move it to the…”. At this time, Beyonce’s hit, ‘Irreplaceable’ was still climbing the charts; causing people to assume that Keri’s lyric was a shot at Bey. Unfortunately for Keri, before ‘Turnin’ Me On’ the remix even hit everyone's mp3 player, Beyhive was already attacking her. Hilson tried to clear up the misinterpretation but, the Beyhive was not having it. Out of nowhere, Keri Hilson’s spotlight began to dim and even know she doesn’t quite receive much support.

Hilson isn’t the only to face the wrath of the hive. After going on a twitter rant following the

release of Knowles’ controversial album, ‘Lemonade’, rapper Azealia Banks got major backlash from the Beyhive. It comes as no surprise that Banks had decided to open her mouth about what another artist should and shouldn’t be doing (which is the main reason why her career hasn’t/won’t advance). Banks’ slander was ten times worse due to the album being in its the prime and the fact that she went to social media, where fans actively communicate with artists. Azealia Banks is a talented young lady, a fashionista, and is oozing with potential, however, she constantly picks fights with people instead of focusing on her own career; which causes it to hit continuous setbacks. The Beyhive is a large fanbase that has made artist who decide to come for Bey literally have their careers snatched out of their hands. No matter how talented you are, if you don’t have a support system constructed of fans to defend you, you will not make it far.

I’m not one to preach about conspiracies and theories but, I have noticed a pattern. Almost every artist that has had something bad to say about Beyonce is dragged by the Beyhive and is never heard from on the radio again! Even if the Beyhive have never even had a conversation with this woman, they defend Beyonce because she has done so well at inspiring them. Beyhive treats Beyonce like their mother, literally! The memes, defamation, and then the all of a sudden decrease in fame is all in the works of the Beyhive. Its crazy how a fanbase has the power to drag an artist to the point of where their unheard of, and then make the artist feel so bad that they feel they have to release an apology only to be told that their apology was rubbish. Not to say that Keri Hilson or Azelia Banks are any less talented than they were before, it is just obvious that their careers and reputations have drastically dropped. These two women are key examples as to why it is much better to focus on uplifting rather than spreading hate and negativity .

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