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The Newest Linebacker in Miami

Terrance Lewis is a quarterback from Miami that will soon be playing for the Maryland football team. The “five star” linebacker announced this signed on Saturday at the all American-bowl. has given information on Lewis’ previous choice. “Lewis previously committed to Tennessee, but decommitted back in late-November. He released a top-two of Maryland and the Volunteers, but ahead of his decision on NBC’s All-American Bowl: Declaration Day special he re-released a final-two of the Terps against hometown Miami.

With a frame of 6-foot-1, 200 pounds, Lewis is already a good size to play inside linebacker in college. He brings next-level speed to the table and embraces contact while playing with a mean streak.”

Although this is just a signing, fans cant wait to see how things will turn out for Maryland being as though they have made a lot of changes.

“Maryland has seen quite a bit of change across the board this offseason with nine players entering the transfer portal, including two linebackers. The addition of Lewis helps restock the linebacking corps that lost Cortez Andrews on the outside and Ayinde “Ace” Eley on the inside. — Maryland also added a handful of highly rated defensive linemen to bolster that position group as Locksley heads into his third season as coach. The Terps signed 21 players last month, but they have room to add more during the February signing period.”

In reality, the changes they are making should be very beneficial for their team as their goal is to Win. The coach of the football team. Coach Michael Locksley has great players on his team.

“A year ago, Locksley flipped five-star wide receiver Rakim Jarrett from LSU, and as a freshman, Jarrett emerged as a key contributor. After Jarrett, who played at St. John’s College High in the District, signed with Maryland, Locksley continued to recruit at a high level, as the

fan base hoped he would when he was hired in December 2018.

“The stars for us don’t matter,” ‘Locksley said, referring to recruiting rankings, after Jarrett

signed last year.’

But I think it goes along the lines that peer pressure still runs recruiting. And when players that respect Rakim Jarrett as a football player see him sign and come to a place like Maryland, I think it opens up eyes and doors that Maryland could possibly be the type of program that has the ability to develop you.”

Terrance Lewis ranks no.16 and is considered to be the top inside linebacker of the country, and is now in Locksley’s top players list.


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