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The NFL Tackling COVID-19

As the NFL season enters week 6 COVID-19 is starting to disrupt the flow of things.

NFL players such as Cam Newton, and Stephen Gilmore for the New England Patriots tested positive for the virus. Also a game between the Tennessee Titans and the Buffalo Bills was rescheduled to Tuesday night because of several positive COVID tests from Titan players.

This leaves the players wondering the future of their health, as well as having some second thoughts on playing this season.

The NFL isn't making things any better with certain amounts of fans attending the games as the weeks go on. The most shocking was the Miami Dolphins, as the Florida Governor Ron De Santis is willing to allow full capacity (65,000 fans) at home games. However, we still have yet to see if the Dolphins will take advantage of this “privilege” given. There still is a long season ahead so we will see what the NFL does to keep the players safe as possible.


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