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Top 5 Sites To Shop

Originally I thought that this was going to be a really simple list but, very quickly I realized that I may have a problem. Recently I’ve been stuck in a little rut and haven’t been able to venture out into the world of new stores. I’m a college student, so I REFUSE to be racking up any kind of debt for the sake of fashion so, I must shop within my means. Momma taught me that (well kinda…). So this list is going include both old and new thanks to a new favorite that I picked up recently ;).

My criteria for this list consisted of 3 areas:

1. Fashion Forwardness

2. Quality over Quantity ladies

3. Affordability

I really love this place because I’m thickalicious and they always accentuate my curves. I usually stick to jeans and jumpsuits but I have tried a few dresses and have been satisfied. I find everything that I am looking for and I’m always debating over which items I have to get and which have to wait till the next go round. It’s totally affordable and this is that quality ladies. I get 3-4 pairs of jeans here and mix and match at other stores.

How could this fan favorite not be on the list? At a store like this you can really find your niche’ . Find your price point, find your style, get in the zone and ready, set, go! You’re set. The variety is endless. This is usually my go to store for that clean, cut & classic look.

Ok let me start off by saying, I have no friends because this was a new find for me. I didn’t know this site even existed. I was pleasantly surprised and in love with the prices and ohh how could I overlook the student discounts. I love discounts!! It was great though. A huge variety of options to choose from. The only thing I would say is if you aren’t looking for something specific you could end up shopping for hours, but is that really so bad.

This was definitely love at first sight! We’ve been in a committed relationship ever since. GoJane is definitely one of my favorites because I always find whatever fashion forward wave cycle we’re in BEFORE the waves come crashing down. It keeps you trendy and chic without breaking the bank. Literally obsessed with everything they have to offer. Take advantage ladies!

Forever 21

Yall knew it was coming! Hands down this is my favorite store to shop at. There are so many great benefits, where do I start? The variety is awesome, whether you’re shopping on the low or high end it’s all there. They even split their lines up by price range and gender (so guys, you’re plugged in too, lol) I can’t get enough of those crazy sales. Now as far as the quality, you get what you pay for couldn’t be more appropriate. You definitely can find a great buy but depending on the price point, you can decide how many wears you can get. I tend to stick to a medium high range here, because I love staple and investment pieces. They’re so cute and trendy and what better way to be stylish without breaking bank.


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