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(Top Ten) 2020 Fall Trends

2020 has been a hell of a year. But one thing I know we are all ready for is the looks this fall will bring us. Of course with 2020 being like no other year we have seen. A Lot of us just want to cozy up in some sweats, luxury loungewear, or even a big tee-shirt and some cute underwear. However to bring up the spirits of 2020, if you do decide to pop out and conquer the fall. We have shared 10 of the top trendy items you need for this upcoming fall season.

Many of these trends are timeless and either have been around for years or are fairly new but will not go out of style any time soon. Whether you prefer to be minimalistic and chill or more chic and formal, here are 10 2020 top fall trends that will complete your wardrobe and fall aesthetics.

  1. Layered Necklaces: Chunky is in this fall. Grab you a pair of necklaces you adore and make sure to include at least one chunky style. Layer these necklace and boom your look is complete!

2. Flare Jeans: We love a good flare jean moment in the fall! Its is not only classic, but it adds a sense of femininity to a look. Plus styling with a denim on denim contrast pulls the whole look together. Model: @ayamreine

3. Faux Coat: Luxury at its finest, is the definition of a faux fur coat. Not only will you be warm this fall but you will be prepared to transition right into winter and still appear super sexy and stylish all at once.

4. Trench Coat: Now for the fall you can also give a more chic streetwear look. A Trench coat gives you exactly that. You can also dress this up with heels for dinner or even heels for work. But then in the evening you can dress it down with sneakers and a pair of jeans to casualize the look.

5. Matching Sweatsuit: A sweatsuit will always be in style! It is a comfy look that still allows you to still look put together. A matching sweatsuit is the easiest way to create a monochromatic look. You can layer on top of this and you are ready to conquer the day! This is a 2020 fall specific look, as it can for sure be a quarantined look.

6. Midaxi Skirt/ Dress: This is a trend that brings two sales together in one. The hemline of a midi and maxi dress within the fashion industry creates a look called midaxi. This hemline length is where sex appeal and conservative meets. This just above the ankle and inch lower than mid-calf is the new flirty high street fashion look for this upcoming fall. Model: @_itsmepri

7. Chunky (Chain) Hand Bag: The combination of a chocolate chunky bag with a heft chain and gold detailing, screams warmth. Which is exactly what the fall requires! With quarantine still being in some effect, why wouldn’t you want a purse that looks so comfortable it could be a sleeping garment.

8. Leather Dress: It’s just something about leather in the fall that makes perfect sense. Leather truthfully is an all year around fabric choice, that can escalate a look from chill to luxe and expensive. If you grab nothing else add a leather item to your closet for the fall season .

9. Stylish Boots (Booties, Calf Length, Thigh High): Everyone needs a good pair of boots. Specifically for the fall but honestly, in general! Cop a pair of boots that are neutral and can go with every and anything. However, also cop you a pair of boots that speak volumes to an outfit. A daring pair of boots is always a bonus to any look and make a casual outfit unique in the blink of an eye! Model: @_itsmepri

10. Anything Plaid or Checkered: This streetwear trend checks off all the boxes for fall! Plaid and Checkered printed items can create illusions for the benefit of the body! These textures are also a warming contrast to your wardrobe and allow you to illuminate your looks based on the numerous colors layered within the patch work print. This trend also is an easy way to color block, which enhances the look of your style. Model: @_itsmepri


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