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Bizzy Crook Drops New Album - "From Me to You" and Latest Visual, "Jokes on You

Bizzy Crook has been dropping bits and pieces of songs featured on his album from Dios Mio (July 23) to Rich & Damaged (August 6). But the teasing has stopped because Bizzy Crook officially released the whole album From Me to You!

On August 21, 2020 listeners were filled with astonishment that the highly anticipated album was finally here. While all 10 songs featured on the album (Over You, Rich & Damaged, Jokes on You, Dios Mio, Russian Caviar, South Florida Girls, Humble Hill, Broke My Heart, No Co-Sign, Thank You Lord) are amazing, "Over You", "Rich & Damaged", and "Jokes on You" are evident fan favorites. On the same day of the album release, the music video for Jokes on You was published on YouTube.

The music video for Jokes on You was filmed/edited by CatchMyFocus and is quite different from most music videos you see today, it tells the story of Bizzy Crook staying loyal to his ex while he is on tour. The video is slightly grainy and exudes the early 2000’s house party vibes. The video starts off with a female voice saying “Goodluck Bizzy” while he drives down the highway which then cuts to a clip of him rapping outside of the car in a parking lot. The video continues by showing clips of Bizzy arriving at a house party, meeting people, and drinking, dancing, and playing games with everyone. It ends with him sitting on the couch surrounded by a bunch of girls feeling on him while he crosses his fingers.

Bizzy Crook is a must-watch artist, and if you haven’t listened to any of his music make sure to check it out on all musical platforms. Also, go peep his creative music videos that can be found on YouTube.


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