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Destiny's Child to go on 10-year reunion tour?

The Stellar Awards was the first time in a long time we've seen one of the best selling girl groups of all time reunite! Beyonce and Kelly Rowland joined Michelle williams to perform "Alpha & Omega" and their hit song "Say Yes" from Michelle Williams most recent gospel Album. They Group recived a stading ovation however they were introduced seperately for one reason, MATHEW KNOWLES. The ladies want to do another threesome tour and a reunion album however they won't use the group name. Why you might ask? Mathew Knowles former manager of the group owns one-fourth of the groups name "Destiny's Child", Anytime the girls do anything using the name he is set to get a piece of the pie! None of the girls want involvement with Mathew and its unlikely hat Mathew would let them cut any deals without him. So if the girls intended on going on tour anytime soon, don't expect the nam "Destiny's Child" to be in lights and just in case you missed it check out the girls at the Stellar awards this past sunday!

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