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classic fashion pieces that will never go out of style

Today’s generational clothing standards have skyrocketed; there is always a trending style taking place, people buying products because they were influenced by social media, and or statement pieces that were worn back in the day making their way back to the present. However, in everyone’s closet there is a piece that even if it is not trending you will still look good!! There will always be go to pieces and that will forever be timeless.

  1. Black Cocktail Dresses for example, Kim Kardashian “SKIMS” dresses, well-fitted contouring every part of your body.

2. White blouses are such a staple in your wardrobe. This is an easy piece and color to dress up!

3. Two things that are too chic, rather elegant, and sexy to go out of style are open back tops and backless dresses.

4. Another timeless piece and staple in your closet must be a nice quality pair of baggy denim.

5. Silk/ Satin tops, dresses, and pants will always be gorgeous when dressing up and or dressing casually, even business casual.

6. A nice quality turtleneck. Men and women wear this garment all times throughout the year. For example, a lot of boys wore turtlenecks to homecoming, it’s such a staple!

7. A pair of tall boots will always top off a chic outfit! Always a fashion statement piece!

8. Dainty jewelry such as necklaces of any sort, gold or silver will never go out of style!

9. Lastly, a nice heavy trench coat will always be a statement garment during the fall and winter seasons! They provide the warmth you need for the harsh weather, and come in various colors and textures.


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