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Empire Renewed For Third Season

Who will run the Empire now? Will anyone be safe from Andre? Are Cooke and Luscious ever going to stop playing games and just rekindle the flame? (It’s obviously still there). These are all questions viewers were left with after Empire’s winter finale premiered last . Now these questions may or may not be answered when the show returns on March…..but, they may be answered in Empire’s newly announced third season. That’s right y’all, everyone’s favorite Hip Hopera has just been renewed, which means more drama, more music and more Cookie! Speaking of Cookie, let’s take a moment to once again congratulate Ms. Cookie Lyon herself in her Golden Globe win for Best Actress. GO TARAJI! Hopefully with this new season we can expect more nominations and even more wins for the cast and crew.

If you are one of those die-hard Empire fans (like me) who has been going through withdrawals ever since the hiatus began, here’s the latest promo to hopefully hold you over.


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