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Philly Stars Give Back!

Last week some of Philly's hottest celeb's got together to give back to their city for an annual event called Caravan of Kindness. Some of the celebrities included: Empire's Bryshere "Yazz" Gray, Rapper Meek Mills, Philly legend Charlie Mack (who happens to be Yazz's current and Mill's ex-manager), talent manager and entrepreneur Amber Noble Garland, professional boxer Bernard Hopkins, representative Jordan Harris and upcoming R&B group, Brotherly Love (also managed by Mack).

The day kicked off at the Youth Emergency Service Shelter where homeless teens were fed brunch, courtesy of Tasties food truck and met by special guests Meek and Yazz.

The second stop, the Philadelphia youth detention center where the two both spoke to nearly 100 incarcerated youths in both General population and in individual units. During the conversations Meek spoke on losing his first rap battle and finding his passion in music at 13, while Yazz spoke on his time being homeless and performing in front of H&M. The two offered the youths advice and support, urging them to find their passions and use them. The center houses 200 youths, ranging in age from 10 to 17 years old.

Next up, Wilson Park housing project where 100 seniors were fed thanks to Mia & Me Catering service, serenaded by the young men of Brotherly Love, given a show by comedian Michael Blackson, visited by Yazz & Meek (who even spoke on his experience being raised by his grandmother), and given gifts.

The final stop was a surprise pop up at a talent show at Yeadon Public Library. Yazz and Meek expressed the importance of reading and stating educated.

Altogether the group spent 15 hours nonstop visiting homeless teens, low income seniors, and the youth of Philadelphia. Everyday we see/hear negative stories and rumors about celebs, but rarely do we ever hear about the positives. It's nice to see this group come back home and give back to their community.

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