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Kelly Ripa is not happy with Michael Strahan!

Just recently we found out about he news of Michael Strahan leaving Live With Kelly & Michael. So far, we’ve been seeing everyone state how upset Kelly really is.

According to E! News, a source told them that Ripa and other staff members were not informed of the not of him leaving, and they could have prevented leaks of the information. When told of what had happened, Ripa was “livid”. She has not been seen on the show today, and no one has commented on it yet.

Brian Stelter, the media expert stated, “It’ unclear if she’ll be back tomorrow or the rest of the week.”

Some people even say she might not come back to work at all due to this issue.

Stelter als stated that, “My understanding is that her agent and manger are flying in to meet with her today to talk about next steps. It’s clear that this is a botched transition by ABC.”

No one really knows why Ripa is being absent but Stelter stated that is making the issue seem very “very public, very quickly.” He also says that it is in her contract to be at work, so she can’t be gone for that long, and believes that everyone just wants to know what’s going on.

Kelly has been hosting the show, Live! for over 15 years now, and Strahan has been her partner since 2012. He is making a transition now, to be on ABC’s Good Morning America.

There're speculations to believe that the reason this whole situation blew up is because Strahan probably had a legal statement saying that he was unable to speak on it, until he was told to do so.

We hope everything is okay, and we’ll keep you updated on the situation.

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