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Memphitz Takes Lie Detector Test for Allegations of Beating Women

Amid the divorce papers and settlement, and also the craziness of the show, Marriage Bootcamp, Memphitz still comes out on top. At least in this sense:

Remember when K. Michelle kept on spitting out how Memphitz allegedly used to beat her and hit her time and time again? Well, he decided to take a lie detector test on the reality show with Toya present in the room. When asked if he ever hit a woman, the judge said there was no deception there. Toya immediately got up and hugged and kissed him to congratulate her man.

Now, even though those allegations aren’t true, a relationship between the two is still on the rocks.

But, just a while ago, Memphitz posted a sweet “throwback” picture of Toya with the caption,

“A pic of a picture. My #Minnie4L is a Real Live Queen”. Does this mean he still has feelings for Toya?

Hopefully everything turns out to be amicable between the two, and they can remain friends through it all.

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