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New Couple Alert: Regina Hall & Common? YES.

You definitely read that right… Common and Regina Hall are definitely dating, and have been for a little over a year. The two lovebirds met whilst filming the famous movie. Barbershop: The Next Cut back in the summer of 2015. From the start of filming, Common was taken back by Hall and tried to get her to date but she was very adamant.

A source close to her stated that the actress never really liked the idea of dating one of her co-stars.

After multiple tries of trying to get the heart of Ms. Hall, Common finally got her to go out with him, but only on her terms: they couldn’t start until after the filming of the movie was over and done with. She didn’t want their personal relationship to interfere with their work.

It is added that both Common and Hall have lost the light to love, but with them being together they have never been seen this happy.

Apparently the low-key relationship has inspired Common to even write music again!

A friend close to Common said that he is definitely a changed man and something is different in him, now that he has started dating again.

“Something about this relationship has completed him. He had success, he had awards, he has a thriving acting career and still performs concerts regularly, but he was missing pure companionship and Regina’s filled that void in the best way.”

Only close friends and family of the celebrities know the details of their relationship, and they plan to keep it that way for a while.

We are happy for the two, and we wish them a long, lively, and healthy relationship!

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