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Kanye and Kim Kardashian Relieve Bodyguard, Pascal Duvier of His Services

Just last month, we know that Kim Kardashian got into a crazy, robbery and was at held at gunpoint in Paris. When the incident happened, many people blamed her most famously known bodyguard, Pascal Duvier. As to why he was not with the Kardashian mogul, and why he was nowhere near the hotel. But later, details came about that he was actually sent to be with Kourtney Kardashian at the club that night.

A source lose to Kim stated,

“The decision wasn’t personal but rather a complete overhauling of security after the incident.”

Many reports have stated that the Kardashian sister does not blame Duvier at all for the incident, for she thought she was safe that night. She also believes that he can do his job very well, and knows her and her family very well.

Duvier has been with the Kardashians since 2013, and there is no comment from him as of yet.

Apparently, he is being let go due to Kim and her team hiring a whole new security team.

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