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Mike Epps Alleged All-Star Weekend Incident

All Star Weekend is always exciting and full of appearances from the most fabulous and notable celebrities. But let’s not forget about the location; New Orleans is promised to never disappoint! However, the star studded weekend may have left some celebrities in more trouble than they bargained, especially one in particular, Mike Epps.

The comedian was allegedly arrested in New Orleans on February 18th, after he reportedly assaulted a man in the Harrah’s Casino. The Advocate reported that the unnamed man said the incident occurred inside the casino at around 4 AM and Epps’ friend Thomas Cobb attacked him as well. The site also reported that the two were arrested and charged with municipal counts of battery and that the affidavits claim the men were “involved in a physical altercation” in which they allegedly “struck” the man.

In an alleged phone interview, the unnamed individual also claimed that the whole debacle started when he recognized the Next Friday star on the casino floor and said, “Oh, Mike Epps!” . One thing led to another and “the next thing I know, he started hitting me in the face.” The victim claims the attack was completely unprovoked and his injuries were “significant”; describing his face as “swollen” and his eye being “blackened shut.”

As of late, the police have watched surveillance footage, that is not yet released, that shows a part of what happened. It shows the victim putting his hands on Epps and Epps makes a move to move his hands off of him as if he were saying “don’t touch me”, police wrote in the report. Then it shows the two get closer, and exchange words with one another. Then the fighting happens. Cobb reportedly punched the victim and had him pinned between two roulette tables, but was stopped when a bystander grabbed his left arm.

It is being said that the casino security called police but still allowed the actor and his friends to leave the premises before they arrived. The “masked man” who got hurt says it took N.O. police more than 3 hours to respond, but Epps and Cobb got in holding and were allegedly released on $1,000 bail each, but both men reportedly failed to show at arraignment in Municipal Court on February 21st according to supposed court documents. Warrants have been issued for both men at this time.

The validity of these details are still being investigated but we think it's safe to say that Epps may dedicate a few punchlines on his 2017 comedy tour to the incident. More information will be provided as the story develops.

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