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Issa Rae to Produce New Show For HBO

'Insecure' director and actress Issa Rae is developing a new family drama for HBO. It’s based off the book written by National Book Award finalist and The Turner House author Angela Flournoy. The show will focus on an African-American family facing life in Los Angeles during the early ’90s.

“I’m so thrilled to be working with Angela,” Rae told Deadline Magazine. “I was a huge fan of The Turner House and we feel so lucky to bring her beautiful storytelling to HBO”.

The film will begin in the Reagan and early Clinton years, the drama will center on the marriage of Sheryl, a former real estate agent and Jackson, the conflicted LAPD anti-gang task force recruit. The series will also feature the couple's’ teen daughter and son, Ebony and Les.

Insecure season three is still happening in the meantime.

The Turner House,” opens with a teenage boy wrestling with a ghostlike figure as a few of his 10 younger siblings watched. Cha-Cha, the eldest of the Turner siblings, grows into middle age and goes about the more “normal” tasks of starting his own family and assuming the role of the man of the house to the Turner siblings after their alcoholic father dies. After Cha-Cha survived a truck accident he saw the same ghostlike figure he saw when he was a teen.

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