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Top 10 Tech Deals: Under $300

It’s the time of year where people are tearing down stores looking for that perfect present. What’s more perfect than the tech gift they never knew they needed.

Amazon Echo(2nd Generation)

The coolest tech gift in a reasonable price range. With it’s sleek design and great sound. Give the gift of Alexa this Christmas.

Price: $100

Nintendo Switch

Can go from a home entertainment system to a personal gaming device on the go. Comes with a Zelda installment and dozens of accessories, the switch is the gift for gamers of all ages.

Price: $299

Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Headphones

The first real wireless headphones are great for that uncle that just has to have the latest technology. They are lightweight, water resistant, fit perfectly and have five hours of battery life. The battery pack also adds 10 more hours of life.

Price: $250

Ultimate Ear Blast Wireless Smart Speaker

Delivers excellent 360-degree sound and is a perfect match for Alexa users. The waterproof and Wi-Fi connectivity speaker has up 12 hours of battery life.

Price: $230

Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer

For the iPhone; turns your iphone into a camera that prints 2x3 photos on zero ink paper. Compatible with iPhone 6/6s and up, the gadget comes with handy camera controls and an app that they are able to edit phones with before printing them. The printer can also embed videos into your photos and all you have to do is hover your iphone over the picture.

Price: $150

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

Has an excellent big screen and at an affordable price point. Giving a big screen experience, the Amazon Fire tablet is great gift for family and friends. It has stereo speakers, lasts up to 10 hours on a charged battery, and gives the user access to Amazon’s vast library of books, movies, music, and apps.

Price: $150

Roku Streaming Stick

Designed to fit directly into the HDMI port of any compatible TV Monitor and stay out of sight. It can stream all major streaming services.

Price: $69

Amazon Kindle Oasis E-Reader

The excellent gift for the avid reader. The Kindle has a sharp digital display, enough storage to store thousands of books, and a battery life that will last weeks on a single charge.

Price: $250

Google Home Mini

The adorable rival to the Amazon Echo. Equipped with a Google assistant that responds to voice commands, it’s what every household needs. It can play music, answer questions, set times, and control connected appliances.

Price: $49

R2-D2 Droid by Sphero

One of the coolest gifts you can give the Star Wars fan in your life. It moves and is controlled just like the original. It can deliver holographic images on the screen of your mobile device. Also, when you watch Star Wars, the droid will react to the scenes.

Price: $165

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