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Surgeon Turned Firefighter on Grey's Anatomy?

Last week marked the fall finale of the last season of Grey’s Anatomy. They will return in the New Year with the second half and we will be saying goodbye to Seattle Grace Hospital and their hard-working staff. Where most would see this as a much-deserved break and call for a vacation, the shows Jason George is ready to take his character Ben Warren out of the ER and into the fire station.

George and the shows executive produce Stacy McGee, both spoke on the show in separate interviews and talked about the possible crossovers with “Grey’s Anatomy”. The new fire fighter show will also take place in Seattle so George believes, ‘it’s easier to come up with crossovers’. George’s character will still remain on the mother show, since he is still married to Dr. Bailey, Chandra Wilson’s character.

The spin-off will launch out of a March episode of Grey’s Anatomy and is set to have 10-episodes. Firefighters on the cast include Miguel Sandoval, Grey Damon, and Jaina Lee Ortiz. After the episode launch in March, the series is set to air sometime in the spring. Wonder what Chief Bailey will have to say about her husband’s big profession change.

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