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Watch Out World I'm Grown Now: Grown-ish Review

Co-creators, Kenya Barris and Larry Wilmore, have teamed up again, bringing us yet another funny and relatable comedy with a spin off of their hit show Black-ish. The family comedy centers around Dre (Anthony Anderson) and Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) Johnson on the hardships of trying to raise their kids in a predominately white upper-class neighbor while still withholding their African American culture. Barris has now created the bold and binge worthy spin off named Grown-ish, following the eldest child of the family, as she shares her college experience; full of boyfriends, school work and amazing friends.

Grown-ish centers the world of Dre and Rainbow's eldest daughter, Zoey (Yara Shahidi), an 17 year old activist, actress and social media show stopper. Zoey, who has just begun her journey as a confident, vivacious Freshman at California University of Liberal Arts (CAL U), and thinks she's got it all figured out, well at least she thought she did! She realizes she must deal with the struggles of a young adult including drugs, peer pressure, and finding her identity. She manages to do her thang as she chases her dream to work for Vogue Magazine. With the world heavy on her shoulders yet full of opportunities, nothing can stop her!

Now of course being young is difficult. We feel like the world is just coming at us all types of

crazy! Grown-ish tells the story of finding one’s self in a whole new world with various (yet common) obstacles thrown in such as: relationships, peer pressure, and more. The show itself brings a refreshing mix of both interesting and controversial issues, such as racism, as well as the positive aspects of growing up. The show breaks these barriers by not only showcases these issues but also by promoting a diverse cast as well. The show teaches lessons on many things, especially relationships (something many of us face in life, especially in college!). Relationships can be tricky and Zoey definitely shows us how tricky they can be no matter if it’s stupid boys or crazy friends who make your college adventure even more fun!

The show has become one of my favs! I love how it actually relates to my college life and i'm sure others as well. Zoey’s fashionable and spunky personality makes the show even better alongside with her friends who are funny, daring and unique. I encourage all families and felow college students to tune in every wednesday at 8pm on the Freeform channel. Our college wild experiences are the ones well remember, good or bad, hey well at least we have a show to watch that'll let us know we are not alone on this college roller coaster ride.

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