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Tink is Free!

We know her for the songs that tell the story of our life like it was written especially by us for us. Tink is an R&B singer out of Illinois who is known for calling Bryan, facetiming Ryan, and calling up Keenan telling him she needs him. Because of the label drama between Timbalands Mosley Music Group and Epic Records, she was not been able to release any new music since 2015. But now she’s free and back, ready to make new music! Tink’s most notable works include her Winter Diaries and her song, “Don’t Tell Nobody” featuring Jeremih. She recently released a new EP by the name of Pain and Pleasure. Recently, Tink announced that she will be going on tour to share what she’s been working at since 2012. Cities where she will be performing include: Chicago, L.A., Oakland, San Antonio, and Portland. Tink fans everywhere have been patiently waiting for a moment like this and it’s clear that she is ready to deliver.

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