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"I Used to Love Her"

Have you heard of the artist H.E.R? If you haven’t, you’re truly missing out on some bops! She makes music for women to tap into their inner emotions, maybe even some men. H.E.R is an acronym for “Having Everything Revealed” and she does just that within her music. When she first began her musical career, she wanted her identity to remain unknown. She was growing a fan base immediately but people only knew her voice, not her face, nor any other facts about her. She has released three solo projects under RCA Records, as a matter of fact, her third project just recently dropped on August 3rd. August 3rd was a big day in music! We received work from Travis Scott, YG, Mac Miller, and even Ella Mai but that didn’t stop the numbers from rising when it came to H.E R’s EP I Used to Know Her: The Prelude.”

With this piece, she even explains as to why she decided to jump into the music game anonymously. She expresses that it wasn’t about her looks, it was all about what was coming from the heart. Her unmasking took place during the 2018 BET Awards when she performed her single with Daniel Caesar. This EP consists of just 6 songs but they aren’t anything short of stellar. H.E.R doesn’t have many features, but she has one from an R&B favorite, Bryson Tiller. I didn’t know how much I needed both of their voices on a track, until now. Simply mellisonant. H.E.R’s music can be found on all streaming platforms. Light a candle, sit back, and vibe with H.E.R.

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