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Porsha Williams Announces Pregnancy

Born in Atlanta, Georgia on June 22, 1981 american philanthropist, television personality, model and actress Porsha Williams Stewart is a mommy to be! How exciting is that? Williams has starred on the television series “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” since their 5th season in 2012 and has been on Dish Nation since 2013. She also finished in 8th place on the “New Celebrity” apprentice in 2017. She came into the limelight after marrying football player Kordell Stewart in an elaborate ceremony that was broadcast on the television show ‘Platinum Weddings’ in 2011. Apart from being a television personality and acting, Williams expanded her talent variety and has released a Single by the name of ‘Flatline’ in 2014. Porsha has also modelled for various calendar spreads and music videos. She is such a beautiful and talented woman and she doesn't let anything stop her, Porsha is on a role wouldn’t you say?! She’s done a lot of great things in entertainment and as she expects her new born baby she continues with her career as she best sees fit! She is rocking her baby bump to the fullest and is flourishing while doing so. While out with friends in Vegas not to long ago, williams took a couple of baby bump pictures and posted them hinting at the names “Pj or Bj?” it looks as if Williams is trying to decide rather she is going to name her child after herself or her husband and also the childs father Dennis Mckinley. It seems as if it’ll all depend on the sex of the child, which is super exciting for the couple!

Some fans say Williams should not let everyone place their hands on her stomach, But of course, she is basking in her pregnancy and is enjoying the love and support she receives from everyone! Being that this is Williams first born she is enjoying each stage that comes with her pregnancy and embracing the changes they bring along as well. There’s so much more to come for this beauty! With everything she has already accomplished in her career, she has set the tone for her family to be and with all the continuous and wonderful support she has behind her with her pregnancy she is destined to be a great mommy as well, we are all sitting at the edge of our seats waiting for a gender reveal. Will it be a boy or girl? Either way, Porsha Stewart and Dennis Mckinley will have a beautiful new born baby! This is something to celebrate!

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