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Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade's New Baby Girl

Actress Gabrielle Union and her NBA star husband Dwayne Wade, have recently welcomed in their first child together, a baby girl, via surrogate as they shared via instagram. How exciting is this news? Gabrielle has been very open about her journey as she has been trying to become a mother for awhile now but as she has shared, conceiving hasn't been an easy road for her. In an interview with Doctor Oz back in July, Gabrielle talked about her miscarriages and how some happened from IVF and others happening just naturally. Gabrielle mentioned that she had miscarried so many times that she had lost count and ranged around maybe 8 or 9 miscarriages total, which can be extremely discouraging for a women that is trying to become a new mom. Above all, Gabrielle remained positive through it all and took the necessary steps to becoming the mommy she had always dreamed of being, all while, sharing her story with the world to give women with stories as similar to hers a voice of their own. As she stated in the Doctor Oz Interview, no women wants to be viewed as “defective” or “less than” due to infertility she stated “there's so much shame, guilt and mystery that comes with fertility issues and that is why i decided to put it in my book, it has to stop” she decided to use her experience to advocate for women going through the same things. Gabriella is truly amazing! “A LOVELY DAY We are sleepless and delirious but so excited to share that our miracle arrived last night via surrogate and 11/7 will forever be etched in our hearts as the most loveliest of lovely days” Dwayne and Gabrielle both captioned with photographs. “Welcome to the party sweet girl” the captions concluded. Gabrielle recently posted a video expressing the importance of knowing CPR for infants as her and her family took CPR lessons and a picture following that, spelling out her daughters full name “Kah-Vee-Uh James” all while, explaining how it’s pronounced and explaining the background behind her daughters name and the 102 nicknames her daughter has. This is such an amazing and beautiful thing for the couple! Have you noticed Gabrielle's beautiful Glow lately? She is beyond beautiful and so happy about her new baby girl. We are all excited to see the growth behind their beautiful baby girl and what is next to come for the family as a whole. Congratulations to Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade on their new edition to their beautiful family!

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