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Michael Blackson

Michael Blackson is one of Ghana’s funniest actors and comedians, who is also known as the African King of comedy. Born November 28, 1972 Blackson was just like everyone else in the village of his country he was just trying to survive. Blackson came to America at the age of 13 and began comedic career when he was 20 years old. Michael is a father of 3 children, Michael Jr, Niko and Noah, Blackson also has a fiancé by the name of Georgia Reign. As Blackson’s stand up career began to flourish, he became a well known comedian in America and Africa as well. His acting career began when others noticed his skills and how talented he actually was. The first movie Blackson was featured in is best known as the 2000 classic film ‘Next Friday’. The film is about Craig going to his Uncle's house for the weekend and getting into mischief with his cousin Dae Dae, The mischief is Dae Dae’s pot dealing neighbors. While dealing with this situation, Craig runs into an old enemy who escaped from from jail. The role that Blackson plays in the movie is the angry stereotypical African man in the music shop and his famous line that he is well known for is “I can’t get jiggy with this sh*t”. Michael has starred in many different movies such as, The Savages (2007): This movie is about 2 adult children who come together to take care of their father they were forgotten of, due to dementia. And through this challenge is of his health they begin to bond again and mature exponentially. Michaels role in this movie is a man named Howard. Next Friday (2000): This movie is about a man (Craig) who visits a family member after they win the lottery. During his visit him and his cousin (Dae Dae) encounter trouble next door and young woman one of them get to win. Michael perhaps plays the customer #1 in the shop where Dae Dae works, and acts as an angry African man demanding a refund for a broken CD, without a receipt. Meet the Blacks (2016): This movie is a comedic version of the purge, where instead the family found out where they moved to was still a purging environment. Michaels character is the same as his past role in Next Friday. He continues to play the angry, stereotypical, African man, but still intends to be funny all at the same time as he does during his regular comedy shows. Blackson is one of our all time favorite comedians and actor and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for his career in the entertainment industry!

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