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Accra Fashion Week Ghana 2019!

Accra Fashion Week began on the goals of trying to blend creativity and culture within Ghana fashion. However, it has been hard for boutiques to work with Ghana companies and sell their items due to their lack of branding, poor professionalism, poor pricing, etc. This week was organized by media and management outlet Fashion GHANA. They incorporate over 1500 boutiques in Africa and have about 90 distribution chains in and out of the continent. Their overall goal is to bring brands together and provide workshops and media promotion.

Throughout the week they hosted special guests and designers such as:

  • Edward Enninful

  • Adwoah Aboah

  • Ozwald Botteng

  • The Casey-Hayford Family

  • Kofi Ansah

  • Kanye West collaborator, Virgil Abloh (new artistic director for the menswear division of Louis Vuitton)

Teen Vogue identified that there is a “vibrant cultural force” that the industry is yet to fully recognize when covering Afrochella award-winning, fashion blogger Afua Rida, whose influence is being felt today.

This Fashion Week covers the notable accomplishments of Nina Sharae, who is the first Plus Size swimwear designer to design in deluxe style, and Vica Michaels, who was named AFW Classic Model of the Year.

Accra Fashion Week is definitely a great learning experience and opportunity to expand businesses and partnerships. It’s amazing to see what this organization is doing when hosting this week full of events. We should be striving towards making collaborative efforts and expanding the Black Dollar and our communities. What better way to do so than through Fashion! You don’t want to miss out on Accra Fashion Week, there’s way too much in store!

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