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Brooke A. Kane: Queen of the Week

It’s no secret that Bennett College, a known HBCU for women was on the verge of losing accreditation as of December 11th, 2018. Since 1873, Bennett College has been a educational resort for the voices, minds, and hearts of black women to be properly educated and fully developed. Since December though, the 39th Miss Bennett College by the name of Brooke A Kane has been fighting relentlessly to acquire the near impossible amount of $5 Million Dollars by February 1st 2019 to keep the historical college open. Queen Kane is a graduating senior, Political science major and has holstered the support of people and organizations such as Tom Joyner, the owner of Papa John’s Pizza, Benedict College, the United Negro College Fund, Jussies Smollett, Word Tabernacle Church, Sarah Jake Roberts, High Point University, etc. in addition to the garnered support of other fellow HBCU Queens and Kings. As of February 1st, 2019, Queen Brooke A. Kane and Bennett College has surpassed their goal of $5 Million dollars and raised a total of $8.2 Million Dollars to keep the campus open and ready for the new generation of bright minds and educational endeavors. Queen Kane’s endless fight and perseverance to keep her university open despite the seemingly impossible goal set be-forth is one to be respected and honored. Congratulations to Queen Brooke A. Kane & to Bennett College for raising awareness about the importance of HBCU’s and for surpassing their set goal. Even though the goal was met please remember to still #StandWithBennett & #StandWithALLHBCUs

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