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This James Duo is Magic

Ro James did not ask our permission before stepping on our necks.

The German born R&B singer best known for his hit single “Permission” is back at it again. This time he got together with another one of R&B’s soulful songwriters, Luke James to produce a new single called "Magic". The two songwriters are no strangers to the music game. Ro James first getting recognized at RCA records with his single "Permission", and Luke James a two-time Grammy nominated singer songwriter all got their start at a young age. Ro starting off in the church with his family and Luke better known for his role in the New Edition Story as Johnny Gill. These two have made magic with this new single! Being in their early 30’s they are well versed in the topic of love. With intense lyrics on top of a seamless melody the song fits perfect in every middle age women’s love life fantasy. The curiosity intensifies as we wait for new music from both artists. The single “Magic” follows Ro James previously released single on souncloud entiled “Sunday Sex.” Is there more music to come? Is this a rebranding tactic? Is he back in the studio for good? The world may never know, we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, be the first to hear it here at The Divah Filez.

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