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What's Next for R&B Divah KeKe Wyatt

Keke Wyatt has been apart of the game for years! Her voice has transcended time and is an icon in the making. The R&B crossover songstress has been apart of the McDonald's Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour for quite some time and she DID NOT disappoint. Her voice hasn’t missed a beat and is getting better with time. Wyatt sat down with the Divah Filez journalist Nyle Young and talked about upcoming projects and being apart of such an amazing and empowering tour.

Young: We are here today at one of the biggest gospel concerts. How does it feel to be apart of such an amazing event?

Wyatt: Ummmm… Im always excited even though I don’t seem like it. I'm excited to win souls for Christ. Like it’s cool. It’s awesome. Cause I sing R&B and win souls for Christ that way. So to do it this way. A lil spin on it.

Boogie: Now you did bring up your R&B past, can we look forward to any upcoming music? Are you making any gospel music?

Wyatt: I'm just doing everything. I'm just doing it all

{ as she chuckles}

Boogie: Now there is A LOT of Black Excellence represented here. A lot of HBCUs have been represented as well. What does that mean to you? Seeing so much Black positivity, especially with everything that is going on in our communities.

Wyatt: Ummm...I think it is a wonderful thing. You know. I ain’t gon say they. But we have been kept down for a long time. And it's time for us too..{makes the hand motion to rise up}. Let’s take charge. Ladies I need you to have your own businesses. Gentlemen, I need you to take care of your babies. Just saying {laughing}.

Boogie: Now, we have to ask..Gospel album. Can we expect one? I mean we have seen you seen you sing your face off at churches recently. Can we expect one?

Wyatt: *takes a deep breath* I'm definitely on my knees about a lot of things. So im waiting on His {as she points to the sky} answer and what He says. It’s not up to me.

Such a great spirit and we can’t wait to see what the songstress has in store.

And for those who do not know, the McDonald's Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour is a branch of the Black and Positively Golden campaign to inspire and uplift black and brown communities. They also focus on education, empowerment and entrepreneurship while celebrating Black pride. This year McDonald's put a little twist on things. The staple chain restaurant had a weekend full of events where the community can enjoy Master Classes and Talent Showcases. The Master Classes will provide and in depth look at the music industry with none other than Donald Lawerence leading the classes. The showcases will led by RCA Inspiration record label. According to the PR News Wire, for nearly 50 years, the National Black McDonald's Operators Association (NBMOA) has given back to the communities by providing scholarships, donating time and money to local schools and hiring minority youth. This commitment continues as McDonald's will present two $10,000 Thurgood Marshall College Fund scholarships to deserving HBCU college students with a focus in music. These are two of the six scholarships the brand will award throughout the year.

Keke Wyatt is in some great company with her tour mates. Gospel artist and pastor, Tye Tribbet; vocal and gospel powerhouse Kierra Sheard; Hip Hop contemporary artist, Sir the Baptist, with Dj Standout on the 1’s and 2’s and hosted by radio show host Lonnie Hunter.

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