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Hot Girl Megan x Nicki Minaj On IG Live

On July 27th, Megan thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj went live together on Instagram and fans lost it. The veteran rapper and upcoming artist began the live praising each other and spreading love.

“Yes, We love you. OMG” Megan is heard saying to the Superbass singer. “Since 2008, when I could listen to you” she added.

The two talked about college, acting, the Megatron challenge, and the Hot Girl Summer anthem.

When Minaj asked who would be on the Hot Girl Summer song, Meg stated that it would be her and Ty dolla signs but alluded to wanting Minaj on the song as well, stating that “somebody” was busy while pointing at Nicki.

“I’m gonna start working on my album and we need the queen” Meg says.

Nicki Minaj also shared some words of advice and encouragement.

“You have a good energy and you feed off of your fans energy, so it should be fun and easy to complete the album. Don’t overthink yourself”.

The two continued to bond and vibe while dancing and pumping each other up. You would think the two have been friends for a while.

Meg also says that she would be in LA where Nicki Minaj is the next day. “Don’t run from me friend” the Hot Girl tells Nicki. Hopefully the collaboration we’ve been waiting for will happen more soon than later. Fingers crossed.

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