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Is Princess Love leaving LHHH?

A while ago, much to her fans dismay, Love announced that she would be leaving Love & Hip Hop.

“Moving on to bigger and better things” She posted on her Instagram.

While she never announced the reason for her departure, fans assumed that it was because she wanted to be a full time mother.

Her and the “One Wish” singer, Ray J are parents to one year old, Melody.

However, there have been reports that she will, in fact, be returning. Melody will be starring in the show this season and the couple will focus on her instead of the drama. Princess is set to star in the show’s ad campaign. The couple will be starring in Jersey Shore as well. A crossover ad for MTV & VH1 is in the works.

It’s unclear whether or not this was the reason she has decided to return due to fans seeing her in the trailer of this season's Love and Hip Hop:Hollywood.

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