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Queen of Hip Hop Soul Mary J Blige is BACK

The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J Blige pays tribute to women around the world on her new single, “Know”. After receiving BET’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Blige is currently traveling across the country with Nas on their co-headlining “Royalty Tour”. Still working, Mary J. Blige has done it again, sharing her testimony with her new single. Released on August 8th, produced by Oscar-nominated hitmaker Sounwave, “Know” is a sentiment to the cycle of life and struggle of women. On the chorus, she sings, “They just don’t know, How many times I die, just to live again”. Though she sings powerfully about how much she can do and has overcome to be a Queen humbly she adds, “They just don’t know how many times I lost just so I could win.”

Blige expresses in the song’s intro, “When you hear the word ‘queen,’ you think of a woman getting everything she wants, but it’s not like that at all. See, being a ruler means sacrifice. Most of the time, you get less than what you give. So every woman and mother in the world is a queen, because she sacrificed so much.” The undisputed Queen of Hip Hop Soul Mary J Blige is a powerful voice in R&B and soul, her and her music both aging like wine. Blige is also making moves in television with the announcement of a leading role in a new spinoff of 50 Cent’s hit TV series Power. Check out her new single “Know” below!

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