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The Harder They Fall

'The Harder They Fall’ has been a highly anticipated movie due to all the big named stars working behind the scenes. Jay-Z is producing the Netflix film, while his former colleague on “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack, Jeymes Samuel, will be directing. Additionally, this will be Samuel’s directorial debut in the industry. To add on to the anticipation, Jonathan Majors has been casted as the lead of Nat Love.

In the film, Nat Love is a man who becomes outraged after finding out the killer of his parents is being released from jail. Love then decides to seek revenge. He reunites with old friends to track down the killer to get his revenge in the end. However, the serious plot isn’t the only thing expected in the movie. Rumors have been reported that similar musical elements to “The Great Gatsby” will appear in the film as well. Furthermore, rumors have hinted at Idris Elba joining the cast list as well.

Majors has been booked and busy for months now. Before he did a Netflix film with Spike Lee titled “Da True Bloods.” This film just wrapped up filming recently and is scheduled to be released in 2020. Next, Majors will be seen on a HBO show titled “Lovecraft Country.”

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