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Karlie Redd’s New Face

We all know the phrase that’s used for a new year, “ New Year New Me”. Love and Hip Hop reality TV star Karlie Redd took that literally and got a new face and new butt. 49 year old Karlie Redd was spotted hanging out with Bambi and Lil Scrappy. Pictures show Redd made drastic changes to her face which included: Cheek filler implants, botox implants in her forehead, lip injections, and a nose job. Redd even got a bigger butt. Karlie Redd’s face looks very different compared to her original face in past photos. If Redd was going for a dramatic look, she definitely pulled it off.

Fans are not too pleased with Redd’s new appearance and their comments are proof of that. Comments include : “She needs to change her diaper, its full”, “ I could tell she had fillers done from the little clips it looks horrible!”, “Her lips? Her over inflated butt, pure tragedy. In my opinion, Karlie Redd should of left her face alone because she looks very plastic now……. and very uncomfortable. People in the industry should not always flee to plastic surgery. “ Do you think Karlie Redd looks better before or after?”

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