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Latocha’s New Song “Six4!”

Member of Xscap3, Latocha Scott just recently released her latest solo single “Six4.” The track was produced by Tricky Stewart and consists of an upbeat tempo and a groovy vibe. This is the first song she has released since taking time away from her solo career for the reunion of Xscap3. “Six4” is different from the norm that is expected from an R&B veteran. Latocha tapped into a country and pop vibe when creating this track.

“Six4” is the first song that foreshadows an upcoming solo project from Latocha. In an interview, Latocha said that “It’s a song that you can let your hair down and ride to. I’m excited to finally share new music with my fans.” As if the original track is not already riveting, a remix of “Six4” is already in the works featuring Andre 3000. Until the release of the remix, be sure to check out the original song “Six4” by Latocha Scott on all streaming platforms. Be sure to check out the lyric video for the single below!

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