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Syd Drops NEW Song “Have a Good Time!”

Lead vocalist of The Internet, Syd, recently dropped a new song produced by Charlie Heat called “Have a Good Time.” To no surprise at all, the track includes an eclectic instrumental and beautiful harmonies from Syd’s magical voicebox. In the song, Syd sings sensually about wanting to spend time with her lover. She sings “You're the only one, you oughta know/ Stay here with me, my love/ Think I finally found my pot of gold.” Her raspy alto voice compliments the rhythmic beat perfectly to set the mood for the song.

“Have a Good Time” will be featured on Charlie Heat’s upcoming album, Fireworks. This is the first solo single Syd has released since her previous solo projects in 2017. The track has fans anticipating for another project from Syd. “Have a Good Time” can definitely be deemed as a “boo” track and it came just in time for the start of cuffing season. The song is available on streaming platforms including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and Youtube. Stay tuned for more music from Syd and Charlie Heat!

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