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Antonio Brown & His Issues with the NFL

2019 has been an interesting year for wide receiver Antonio Brown. In March, Brown was traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers, to the Oakland Raiders. During the summer training camp practices, he posted a picture of his feet, with extreme blisters, due to him not wearing the proper footwear during his cryotherapy sessions.

A couple days later, he filed a grievance with the NFL about the new helmet that he was being forced to wear, because he wanted to continue wearing his old helmet. The drama didn’t stop after the helmet grievances, Brown was then fined over $50,000 by the Raider’s General Manager because of his unexcused absences for team practices/meetings. During the next couple of days, there was an alleged altercation between Brown and the General Manager, a demand from Brown to release him from his Raiders contract, and a $215,000 fine as a result of the altercation.

On September 7, Antonio Brown was released from the Oakland Raiders, and picked up by the New England Patriots within hours. Less than two weeks later, he was cut by the Patriots, because of ‘intimidating’ text messages that he sent to Britney Taylor, as well as sexual assault allegations. Unhappy with his former team’s decision, Brown tweeted that he will no longer play for the NFL, because of how quickly they cancel deals and void guarantees. We are unsure of what is next for Antonio Brown, but it is most likely not anything that deals with the NFL.

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