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“There is God” by Donnie McClurkin

“There is a love that is like no other, there’s mercy that never ends, there’s strength that will pull you through, there’s God, he is standing in your corner, there’s nothing he can’t do”. These are the words of inspiration stated by the well known Gospel singer and minister, Donnie McClurkin at the opening of his his live recording video for his new single “There is God”. In this song, Donnie reminds us that God reigns supreme over everything. He reminds listeners that with God there is a love like no other.

There is nothing he cant do. And we can do all things, when we do it to the Glory of God, because he gives us strength that will see us through. If you need a song to get you through the week, or to just keep pushing forward when it feel like the world is on your shoulders "There is God” is the song that will give you that extra boost. Donnie McClurkin, has provided us with yet another song of praise, to get you through the day. Check out, Donnie McClurkin’s new single “There is God”.

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