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Takuya Yamashiro Is The New Spiderman For 2022

About a week ago, Sony revealed that Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse 2 will be released in the spring of 2022. The announcement was enough to keep fans going for the next two years, but Sony came out days later with more surprises. On November 4th, news came in that the film would feature Takuya Yamashiro, the main protagonist in Japan’s live-action Spider-Man TV series.

Fans instantly were thrilled by the news. Some even offered to design Yamashiro’s suit, but producer Phil Lord revealed he has already been designed! In the TV series, his suit is nearly identically to Peter Parker’s, however, his eyes are a little thinner. Many are hoping that his suit will be completely redesigned by 2022.

Yamashiro’s background is completely different from Parker’s. He is a motorcycle racer who happens to see a UFO falling from the sky. Next, he is befriended by a warrior from Plant Spider named, Garia. The warrior injects Yamarshiro with his blood, and his spider-like powers began to develop. In the end, he utilizes these powers to battle Professor Monster and defend the world.

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