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Lecrae Launches “Mask For the People” With Live Free USA

Grammy Award-winning artist Lecrae started an initiative with Live Free USA called “Mask For the People” to bring masks to Incarcerated People in Georgia. By doing this they were able to provide 70,000 masks to those in incarceration.

It has been seen in the media that those who are incarcerated during the COVID-19 have not been given the proper supplies to stay safe. The virus has also affected those because of the tight living quarters inside prisons and Georgia has also been noted as one of the largest prison systems in the U.S. There have already been positive cases of COVID-19 inside the prison system including prisoners and staff members.

Not only is the initiative to provide a mask for those who are incarcerated but for the less fortunate, essential workers, and protests in the Atlanta Metro Area. He established personal hand sanitizer throughout Atlanta for the homeless and those who are directly impacted by Coronavirus. Also he managed to place portable handwashing stations around Metro Atlanta so people can practice safety precautions during the pandemic.

The partnership was announced June 1st and since then have contributed to providing over to provide 70,000 masks and raise almost $50,000 which went to providing those masks and sanitizers.

Along with being a philanthropist and an Award-winning artist, Lecrae is also a New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, thought leader, and Co-Owner/President of Reach Records. He is also planning to release his 9th studio album this year called Restoration which will also have a documentary and book “I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion, But Found My Faith” along with the album.

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