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Snoh Aalegra Releases Single “Dying 4 Your Love”

The new artist Snoh Aalegra released her single “Dying 4 Your Love” July 10th. Aalegra is a Swedish artist that has been signed to Roc Nations label.

The 32 year old manages to display a sexy mood to her single as a modern ballad longing for a love that she lost. Her single’s artwork displays a parental advisory sticker but not for explicit lyrics but for sad girl lyrics.

Along with her single she also released a music video to accompany the song. Aalegra and her creative team managed to create a very creative theme that hinted at futuristic but also an early 2000s theme with a glimpse of a flip phone at the beginning of the video.

Aalegra was also featured on “Between Us” on Dvsn’s album A Muse In Her Feelings'. It has not been said if “Dying 4 Your Love” is a sample of her album in the making or if it is just simply a single.

Aalegra’s music is available on all music platforms. Be sure to check out her new single and music video below.

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