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Gospel artist, Koryn Hawthorne recently dropped two singles, “Pray” and “Speak To Me.” Both singles are tracks on her upcoming sophomore album, entitled “I AM,” which is expected to drop on September 18th. The Louisiana native took the gospel charts by storm after her chart-topping single “Won’t He Do It” released in 2017 on Greenleaf’s soundtrack. Following the single was her remarkable debut album, “Unstoppable,” which was released in 2018. With her next album coming after two years of working, fans of Hawthorne are expecting to receive a realm of ministries from this project.

Both singles, “Pray” and “Speak To Me” are completely different in sound, showcasing Hawthorne’s versatility. In “Speak To Me”, she sings about how comfortable she is when she speaks to God, and how she can’t go a day without speaking to her savior. Meanwhile in “Pray”, she talks about the various issues that are going on in the world and how the only thing we can do is pray. Although both songs contain different messages, both are complete bops. Koryn Hawthorne has a certain type of consistency with her music that makes you want to listen to her spiritual tracks just as much as you’d want to listen to 90s R&B. Her lyrics hold substance, telling and spreading the word and the goodness of God, but with a little shoulder lean to it. Whatever “umph” she puts in her music, I’m sure we’ll hear more of it in her upcoming album, I AM.

If you need more convincing, be sure to go stream both of her latest singles to get a feel of what to expect in September. As always, stay tuned and stay safe!

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