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Akron Ohio Police Officers Shoot Young Black Door Dash Delivery Driver 60 Times

On the morning of June 30th, 8 police officers assisted each other in the shooting of Jayland Walker. Jayland Walker was a 25-year-old, door dash delivery worker who allegedly led Akron Ohio police on a high-speed chase at around 12:30am after they were allegedly trying to pull him over for a traffic violation. At this time the name of the officers has not yet been released but there are reports from CNN that states they are on paid leave at this time.

Officers claim they heard gunshots coming from the car. Jayland Walker was said to have run out of the car while it was still in motion and was shot 60 times by the officers trying to get away. Approximately 90 bullets were shot in total. Jayland was shot in the abdomen, face and upper legs according to the medical examiner. Walker was also handcuffed after she was shot 60 times.

His lifeless body was unhandcuffed when Medical Examiners arrived at the scene, which caused outrage across the United States. People feel like not only was he already shot for no reason, handcuffing him was disrespectful because at that point he was not going anywhere and was definitely not a threat to any of the police officers. A gun was found in the car that belongs to Walker, but it was not said if it was registered to him or not. Many people do understand that a job like Door Dash, there is a possibility to get robbed, as it has happened many times before to multiple food delivery companies, which may have been the reason Jayland had a gun to begin with, if there really was one.

Many people are taking to social media to share their anger and frustration about yet another black man being killed by police for absolutely no reason, and another family that has to mourn over a senseless killing. Body cameras are being looked into; however, footage of the shooting has not been released to the public. At this time, the public is waiting for more details about this tragic incident.


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